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Mason Pearson Handy Nylon Hairbrush N3

The Mason Pearson range of brushes are renowned for their excellent quality and are extremely long lasting. The handy nylon bristle brush is a great detangler. After washing your hair you can use it to help remove knots and tangles. It is normally used for fine hair but it works well for regular use on thick to very thick hair of medium to long length. It has 6 rings of nylon tufts. The bristle density of this Mason Pearson hairbrush helps to distribute sebum along the full length of the hair. Regular brushing helps to keep your hair sleek, shiny and healthy looking. Buy this Mason Pearson N3 Handy Nylon Hairbrush from House of Astley online today.

Brush supplied in original Mason Pearson packaging, complete with free cleaning brush.

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