Ready for a fun fact about eau de parfum? The word ‘perfume’ actually derives from the Latin ‘per fumare.’ This means ‘through smoke.’ Perhaps unsurprising then, that some people can find the subject a little foggy.

So many fancy terms for smellies! Are they all just different words for the same thing? Well actually, no. The ratio of oil to alcohol and water in each fragrance determines what it is classed as. The higher the concentration of oil, the longer your scent will last, and the less you should need to use.

Here’s a handy guide to clue you up on what’s what.


Let’s start with pure perfume

Also known as parfum, this boasts the highest concentration of oils, and is therefore usually the most expensive.
Oilier than its lighter cousins, perfume is composed of between 20 and 30 percent pure perfume oil. Just one spray of this can last up to 24 hours. Go easy with it, as it can sometimes be a little overpowering.


The second highest concentration of oils is found in Eau de Parfum

This contains between 15 and 20 percent pure perfume oil. The middle notes or heart notes of the perfume are traditionally the focus of eau de parfum, and it’s a great choice to spray on hair or clothing. The best-selling signature celebrity scent of all time is Heat by Beyonce, making it a very popular choice. In fact, global sales within the first three years reached over £300 million. Eau de parfum is perfect for a night out, where you need a bit of a stronger scent which stays put for longer.
Personally, we like this very fresh and modern one by Paul Smith. It’s called Rose, and it’s quite airy and floral, as the name suggests.


Moving on to Eau de Toilette

This could be described as middle of the road, fragrance wise, in both price and concentration of oil.
It contains five to 15 percent pure perfume oil, and can last for around three hours. Ideal for lunch out with the girls, perhaps?
During warmer weather it’s customary to use a lighter scent than you would during the winter, making eau de toilette a better option for the summer months.
Glow by JLo is great if you’re partial to a more exotic scent. Sales of this fragrance reached £250 million in a single year, making it the second best selling celebrity fragrance of all time – pretty impressive!

For something more floral, our favourite fragrance is Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs. It’s light enough to wear every day, but not so light that you can’t smell it after a while.


Finally, we arrive at Eau de Cologne

Although it sounds more extravagant, eau de cologne has only around seven percent oil – the same oil concentration as a body mist, and lasts only for a couple of hours. The scent tends to be much lighter, usually without the stronger base notes. It’s therefore more suitable for frequent application throughout the day, and can be very refreshing in hot weather.

Tabu Cologne For Women

Cologne is often seen as being just for men, which isn’t the case. Colognes are also manufactured for women, such as this elegant, floral Tabu fragrance. Many people find cologne handy to pop in their handbag for a midday refreshing pick-me-up – a great idea for work!

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