Take care if brushing wet hair

Taking care of your wet hair

Whilst the wet hair look appears to be all the rage amongst celebrities right now, that’s more about using high shine products than it is leaving the house with a soaking wet mop on your head. To be clear, dry hair is definitely a requirement before leaving the house. Now you may be wondering which is the best brush to use on your wet hair, so that you can blow dry it, style it, and then make it look wet again. Sounds a little pointless to us, but who are we to judge?

Mason Pearson brushes are perfect for brushing wet hairFirst of all, we need to make a really important point here. Soaking wet hair is super fragile. If you can avoid brushing it when it’s dripping wet from the shower then you really should. It might save a few minutes on your morning routine, but all that tugging and pulling at your tangled hair will cause it to stretch and snap. Coloured or previously damaged hair is especially prone to breakage and split ends.

Yes, there are many magical sounding ‘split-end’ products on the market, but the truth is that once the damage is done, there is no product on earth that will stick your hair back together. The only way forward after seriously damaging your hair is to get a trim. If you absolutely must brush your hair when it’s wet then always follow these steps to ensure the least damage possible.

Before you whip your brush out, be sure to thoroughly towel dry your hair first. No vigorous rubbing allowed, as that will cause major breakage; just a bit of gentle squeezing with the towel. Following that, if you can wait until it’s about 80 percent dry, your hair will really thank you for it. Maybe you could do your makeup and get dressed while you’re waiting. Once you have waited as long as you possibly can to let your hair dry naturally, begin by detangling with a cream or serum that will soften your hair and enable the comb to slide through.

Use a detangling comb first if brushing wet hairComb before you brush wet hair

Next… No, step away from the brush! Next, use a good quality comb, made especially for detangling wet hair, such as this Mason Pearson Detangling Comb. Its specially designed, flexible teeth carefully detangle your locks, whilst smoothing the cuticle and protecting the inner cortex from damage. You should always start at the ends of your hair and work your way up to your roots. This will avoid dragging any tangles the full length of your hair, which will just cause bigger knots. Continue to gently comb your hair until the comb easily glides through from root to tip.


Nylon bristle brushes give best results on damp hair

Only now can you reach for your brush! But not just any old brush. Using a low-quality brush on wet hair is a sure-fire way to end up with frizz and split ends. For dry brushing, a boar bristle Mason Pearson is definitely the way to go, but boar bristle brushing wet hair is a no-no. The best brush to use on damp hair is the Mason Pearson N3 Handy Nylon HairbrushUse this Mason Pearson Hair Brush for damp hair, which gently loosens knots to avoid damaging your hair while you brush. Its six rings of nylon tufts work brilliantly to detangle both thin and thick hair. Whilst this brush can also be used on dry hair, we prefer to dry brush with the boar bristle Mason Pearson, for extra shine.

Now go and slather your hair in all those high-shine products to make it look wet again!! Happy brushing.