The daily beauty regime, or alternatively the five-minute process of crawling out of bed into the delights of the rat race, should always be accompanied by a quality hairbrush. Curly, straight, thick, fine – whatever your hair type, Mason Pearson have an unparalleled history in making quality hairbrushes for all hair types.

Mason Pearson Premium Hairbrushes and Combs

Mason Pearson – from engineer to hairbrush producer

Mason Pearson was an engineer and inventor in the mid-19th century who used his knowledge from his time in the wool processing industry, to speed up the process of brush making. This led to the development of the rubber-cushion hairbrush, the design of which has hardly changed from the range of brushes that the company supplies today.

Reasons to invest in a Mason Pearson hairbrush

Choosing a hairbrush is a very personal experience. We’re all different, with our unique bad hair days. Some reasons for investing in a Mason Pearson hairbrush are, however, relevant to us all:

  • Still made in England – a good enough reason for the patriotic amongst us.
  • Mason Pearson hairbrushes are not mass-produced. They are made by hand using the same 19th century techniques. Careful craftmanship brings incredible results.
  • The brush is gentle; remember the trauma of having your hair brushed as a child when you felt you were being dragged through a hedge backwards? The Mason Pearson hairbrush massages the scalp, creating a much more comfortable experience.
  • Mason Pearson brushes detangle hair effectively, with some brushes being designed particularly for that purpose.
  • The boar bristles redistribute your natural oils, making your hair shiny, and generally more healthy-looking.

“It’s like hot cocoa and marshmallows, cheese and macaroni, eggs and bacon, you could not think of a better combination than a Mason Pearson hairbrush and a damp head of hair”. Michelle Brookhurst, Celebrity Stylist and Writer [Glow and Tell]

Mason Pearson range of hairbrushes at House of Astley

House of Astley’s range of Mason Pearson hairbrushes suit various hair types and applications, in a variety of colours. Whether you’re looking for a brush to fit in your bag, to use when you’ve washed your hair, or just for general daily use, we’re confident you will find the brush you need in our range of Mason Pearson hairbrushes.

All hair types can benefit from the comprehensive range of Mason Pearson hairbrushes.

Here is a snapshot of some of the Mason Pearson products available through House of Astley:

  • The Mason Pearson N4 Pocket Nylon Hairbrush has five rings of nylon tufts, making it ideal for very thick hair. Particularly useful when travelling, it was designed to fit inside a handbag, so your hair can receive necessary attention whenever needed. Heidi Klum is a great believer in this product, saying, “Sometimes you have to go deeper in your wallet for things that work. This brush gets all the snags without ripping hair out.” []
  • The Bn4 Pocket Bristle & Nylon Hairbrush does the same job for those with normal and short thick hair.Mason Pearson N3 Hairbrush
  • If it’s detangling and removing knots after washing your hair that you need, you should check out the Mason Pearson N3 Handy Nylon Hairbrush. Although it’s usually used for fine hair, it also works on thick to very thick and medium or long hair.
  • For those with thinning or very fine hair, more TLC is required so Mason Pearson have designed the Sb3 Sensitive Bristle Hairbrush, containing 6 rings of fine bristle tufts to gently get the best out of your hair.
  • Chris McMillan, hairstylist to Jennifer Aniston cites the Mason Pearson Junior Hairbrush as one of his top 5, saying, “A true, proven classic that can smooth anything. I use it mainly to brush out curls or hot roller sets. I can’t live without it” []. This Junior Bristle and Nylon mix hairbrush is recommended for normal, thick, medium and long hair, so it’s an all-rounder for the hair brushing battleground!
  • The Mason Pearson B2 Extra Small Bristle Hairbrush, and the Mason Pearson B1 Extra Large Bristle Hairbrush are both recommended for long, fine hair. The extra small has 7 rings of bristle tufts and is 9” x 2.75” in size, while the extra large has 8 rings of bristle tufts and is 9” x 3.25” in size.
  • The ultimate solution for fine hair is the B1M Extra Large Military Bristle Hairbrush, and you know what they say about military precision! This brush has 8 rings of extra stiff bristle tufts which help to stimulate blood flow to the hair roots. For this reason, it is recommended as the perfect solution for fine hair.

Please contact the team at House of Astley if we can provide any additional information regarding the Mason Pearson range of hairbrushes. We’d be delighted to help!

In the meantime, remember … invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off!