How do you find the right perfume for you?

Just as perfumes come in all shapes and sizes, the same is true of our customer preferences. Whether you enjoy a heavier, more powerful perfume or you’d rather wear a lighter, floral eau de toilette, the choice is down to you. But how do you decide on what style of scent is right for you? And do your preferences for a fragrance style change over the years?

Enjoying fragrances for over 80 years

To answer this, we spoke with Edwina, one of our customers who has been enjoying fragrances since she was six (over 80 years! shhh) and we asked her to describe her lifetime’s journey through the world of perfumes.

Selecting perfumes

“My early experience of perfumes was not a particularly happy one … I received a detention after skipping school one lunchtime to visit the local department store with a large perfume area; the lady on the Chanel counter decided to drench me with a very large sample of her latest fragrance (they wouldn’t waste that much nowadays!). Needless to say, my detention didn’t last long since the teacher was gagging at the excessive amount of scent on me.

Whilst growing up I recall enjoying the smell of eucalyptus and this developed into a passion for fresh, green, outdoor-style perfumes which reminded me of our privet hedge after a summer downpour.


Warm and fruity perfumes in my middle years

In my late teens, I was a big fan of a perfume called Gin Fizz (the clue’s in the name!) from the House of Lubin which was a fresh, flowery scent with a deep, musky base. Apparently created as a tribute to Grace Kelly after she won an Oscar for her performance in “The Country Girl” – that sums me up perfectly!

During my ‘middle years’ I favoured classic perfumes with warm, fruity aromas from brands such as Ralph Lauren Perfumes and Dior. I had a real dislike for those sweet, heavy and cloying scents that were popular at the time. Moving from country girl to dominant power-dresser was a step too far for me.

Today, there’s not much in the perfume world I’ve not seen or tried. Trends and brands come and go but I’ve realised it’s important to choose a fragrance for yourself and not what others tell you to buy. And so moving onto my later years, I seem to have come full circle and mainly wear light, fresh fragrances such as Marc Jacobs Daisy Blush Eau de Toilette, which I find is light enough to wear all year round yet it lingers sufficiently for those evenings out.

Finally, my tip for you is to try these new travel-sized fragrances where you can sample smaller sizes of a new fragrance without having to invest in a larger-size bottle. And it’s a good excuse to go on another holiday, too!

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