Beyond chocolate: How to make her happy at Easter

Whisper it, but not every woman wants chocolate at Easter. Or, more likely, she’d appreciate something a little bit more!

What to buy her, though? Clothes can be tricky, there’s so much you can get wrong as well as right. Jewellery – well, maybe you need to save that for a birthday or big occasion.

Perfume though, that’s a good, easy idea for Easter. You probably already know what she likes – a glance at her dressing table will tell you if not.

We have her favourite scents here on this site and at some super-keen prices too so you won’t be out of pocket. Ladies we know adore scents such as Estee Lauder Pleasures, Lacoste Joy of Pink, and Avril Lavigne’s Forbidden Rose. My sister is a big fan of Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck Enchanted and I often sneak a little squirt myself…

Sometimes it’s nice to give your special lady an extra treat. There are some gorgeous gift sets out that wish her Happy Easter in a way she’ll really like – eau de toilette spray with body lotion for example. L’Eau d’ Issey and Gucci’s Rush are both doing very popular combos right now, and Lady Million from Paco Rabanne is the one I won’t go out without!

Lady Million also comes in a gift set with a handy mini travel spray as well as the main eau de parfum – very useful. For the woman who’s always gadding about, it’s a thoughtful choice.

Talking of minis, Jean Paul Gaultier do a miniature set in their very popular Classique fragrance, and Marc Jacobs does one of the gorgeous Daisy, too. Both make really lovely gifts.

So if your lady would like something more than chocolate this Easter, you’ve come to the right place! Affordable prices, wonderful fragrances and gifts and a sure-fire way to show her you know what she likes. Perfect. Delivery takes just a few days, and Easter Sunday is 1 April.